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Reviews of 'Dancer'


"Without a doubt, you will be conquered by the single “Dancer” ... Excellent guitar arrangements and expert production complement Sano Hill’s extraordinary talent" -

"The wonderful vocals of Sano enter with full power and carry the song forward. The melody is beautifully written ...“Dancer” is a classic you should not miss listening to. Sano Hill is a phenomenal artist who creates the music you want." -


""Galway-based troubadour SANO HILL is back with his stunning single 'Dancer'. It is a magnetic song that features charismatic vocal performances, intriguing lyrics and excellent backing instrumentation"

- Weekly 'Hot Picks',

"Dancer is the new single from the genius Sano Hill, the artist who scored one success after another in his previous releases, resurfaces with a moving and beautiful track. A sophisticated indie pop full of feelings, a song that moves the listener ... The highlight is Sano's voice that shines" [In Portuguese]

"A song both rich in love and endowed with a full sense of reflection, "Dancer" is a musical production by singer-songwriter artist Sano Hill who once again demonstrates his maturity through his artistic creation which reveals itself as a kind of challenge with regard to the other musicians...

Throughout the song, we hear a build-up of the track with a soft guitar and the voice of Sano which exudes the confidence lifted by a set of drums and driving percussion. We find all the qualities of a beautiful song that stems from incredible work. A song full of inspirations of life, of love in a poetic lyricism. An embracing and awe-inspiring listening experience that demonstrates an arrangement built down to the smallest detail that makes an impact with listeners around the world." - [in French]

"Opening dazzlingly with a gentle and comforting pace among hypnotic piano melodies and heartfelt strings paired with fascinating acoustic guitar notes, 'Dancer’s welcoming melody is stunningly lovely with a flawless orchestration that immediately engulfs the listener in serenity...In terms of the song’s production, it is outstanding with a blend of relaxing and acoustic sounds that perfectly complement the lyrics...Overall, “Dancer” is a song that has been meticulously crafted and has the potential to be one of the outstanding songs of the year. Sano Hill’s performance brilliantly generates a completely distinct aura, mesmerizing the listener with addictive harmonies that display a dimension to the song that is exceptionally unique with a message that is sure to resonate with listeners. I would highly recommend this song to anyone who is looking for a touching and thought-provoking listening experience." -

"4 minutes 17 seconds is the time it took Sano Hill to mark his name as well as the title of his new single entitled "Dancer" in the hearts of his fans but also of those who were in search of discovery.  The instrumental production is based on an acoustic guitar and drums which gives a catchy effect to this composition. Moreover, the talented Sano Hill, did not dry up his talent for the field. His management of verses and choruses give him a hit that will certainly be remembered.  Don't deprive yourself of this masterpiece." - [in French]

"Addiction note of the day is called “Dancer” by Sano Hill. Dreamy soundscapes, a pure and moving guitar and above all this voice, familiar, warm and bringing light to our ears: this is what you will find in the song.

Masterful arrangements and chords lift souls and overwhelm with emotion. In these cold times, and media gray, "Dancer" Sano Hill provides a little comfort, hope, happiness sound." - [In French]

"Sano Hill’s latest single, ‘Dancer,’ is a fantastically complex construction of pop, rock, folk and soul, wrapped up tight with lyrics that speak to the humanity within each and every one of us. It is harmonic, even when there is only one vocal layer, it resonates with the emotions of your conscience. The beat in the back is fluffy and warm, it comforts and brings you closer. When the strings and guitars layer over one another the song starts to sing, it rolls in buttery layers of tone and coats the melody with bliss. The vocals are human; conversational and clear they deliver poetic lyrics that alight on your heartstrings and play dismaying chords that rise and twist, harmonising with the choruses as they play. ‘Dancer’ is a song that exists within all of us. To hear it played on the outside is profound and enlightening. It's a song that keeps melody and hope at its core and the result is a track that you will keep coming back to, if only for that sense of belonging." -


"Ireland has always been a fertile ground for musical talent ... And now, a new voice is rising from the Emerald Isle's music scene, a singer-songwriter named Sano Hill...with the release of "Dancer", Hill is poised to take the world by storm. The track is the epitome of cheery, gentle, and sweet songs, a much-needed respite from the cacophony of noise that is all too common in our fast-paced world. The production of the track is simply impeccable, with each element - the guitars, claps, and drums - working together in perfect harmony. It's the vocals, however, that blew us away. Hill's voice can be described as a warm embrace on a chilly night, wrapping around the listener and providing comfort and a sense of security. The smooth and rich tone creates a blanket of serenity, allowing the emotions in the lyrics to pierce deep into the soul. These vocals have the ability to evoke strong feelings and touch the heart with tenderness, serving as a balm for the weary mind and a solace for the troubled spirit."

"There is a distinctive gothic yet melodic atmosphere that the song invokes...Dancer by Sano Hill not only touches your soul but it has you feeling the song in your bones. That’s how wonderfully raw, real and melodic this number is." -

"This beautiful alternative pop song is the new single from the Irish singer-songwriter as he tells us all about the challenges of artistic creation set against memories of a dance and a first love encounter. In summary it is half love story half artistic reflection, but united by a beautiful voice." - [In Spanish]

"With a soft band sound and classic style, Hill brings a unique blend of indie pop, soft rock, and classic singer-songwriter vibes to the table. The new single is a love song and artistic reflection, showcasing Hill's lyrical prowess and musical talent..."Dancer" is a great song with a strong single and powerful lyrics." -

"'Dancer' is excellent for a rainy day or a quiet night with a glass of wine since it features a strummed acoustic guitar and a violin in the background creating an intimate groove reminiscent of U2." -

Reviews of 'Feel Love'

"Sano Hill’s “Feel Love” is a masterpiece. With riffs and tunes played with conviction, it’s easy to get lost in the emotion of the song. And that’s exactly what Hill wants you to feel. The soulful guitars, exquisite keyboards, and funky bass create a perfect backdrop for Hill’s emotive vocals. It’s his passionate, emotive vocals that really take the song to the next level. Love is a powerful force that can connect us all. Love is an emotion that can touch us deeply and change our lives forever. Sometimes it can be hard to express how we feel, but music can often speak volumes. Sano Hill’s song “Feel Love” is a beautiful expression of this power. Although the lyrics are direct and straightforward, if you think about it they have deep meaning.

This song is splendidly crafted with a dark edge. The song’s smooth, progressive sound is soothing yet exhilarating, and it will stay with you long after the song is over. Sano Hill’s mastery of melody and dynamics is on full display here, and “Feel Love” is a perfect example of his talent for crafting catchy, unforgettable tunes. The emotions in his music are palpable, and the overall sound is extremely pleasant. Sano’s keen ear for detail creates a wonderful melody that you can’t get enough of."


"  'Track of the Week' (Dec 2nd 2022): Sano Hill is captivating audiences on a global scale...Sophisticated in its production and theme, ‘Feel Love’ touches your heart with its intense intimacy. A kaleidoscopic arrangement, the instrumentation has a soul-stirring quality, but the song retains simplicity and stark rawness. Perhaps it is the direct lyricism with Sano Hill speaking specifically to you in his velvety way. Perhaps it is the vulnerability threaded throughout the powerful track. Either way, ‘Feel Love’ is haunting, evocative, moving and intoxicating.” -

"Sano Hill is a guitar-centric rock artist with belting vocals that will soothe you right to your core. Their latest release, ‘Feel Love’ is a tight-knit sonic blend of cashmere blues and bass lines with a hook covering a vocal performance that needs to be heard...‘Feel Love’ is pure rock, with hints of Petty, Purple and The Boss. I’ll take it to go, and make it my usual. What a track. What a voice." -

"Feel Love is a track which immediately had our team nodding their heads. A funky and cool feel to the warm bassline instantly has you invested in the song. There is a great deal of subtle instrumentation coming in and out throughout this track, and we absolutely love the classy incidental Hammond organ fills, together with some Mark Knopfler-style guitar riffs...

A firm Send Me Your Ears favourite, Sano Hill has created another warm and inviting track which will have you nodding your head along with a huge smile on your face" -

"Sano Hill’s greatest quality is precisely that of transferring a common thought into music. This is why each of us feels part of his songs… because we all think a bit like him. Sano Hill addresses the strong emotions that move human beings and wants us to focus on the positive ones. The sophistication of the arrangements is incredible. 'Feel Love' took me back to the past and reminded me of the 80s in some passages. The vocal interpretation is touching and manages to add a magical meaning to the whole song. Fantastic as usual!" 


" 'Feel Love' is a profound expression of the power of love within us all to overcome. He is connecting with the aspect of ourselves and realizing the interconnection of everyone and the world among us...If you’re a fan of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, then you would like this modern-day version of these musicians." -

"Sano Hill’s exuberant and lavish expression of the deep power of love that exists within all of us is a meaningful and heartfelt ballad to indulge in. The immensely evocative piece from this devout rock and roll and blues inspired act is decidedly classic in convention and sound. The song serves as a sort of clarion call, a beacon to look towards, an anthem to sing along to, and a hand to hold on to in times of deep instability and constant catastrophe. It makes itself a record that helps you move through the darkness and sadness with a renewed outlook, with more gleaming positivity, and with an all around refreshed and lively perspective. For classic rock fans, Sano Hill’s style will be instantly appealing. He’s got that charisma and swagger in both his instrumental arrangement and vocal delivery to keep you so heavily engaged." -

"SANO HILL has released the magnificent indie-rock single ‘Feel Love’. It is a catchy track that features gorgeous instrumentation, charismatic vocals and an evolving vibe. ‘Feel Love’ is a single that you do not want to miss!" -

"Sano Hill has an immensely powerful, wide ranging classic rock voice that is reminiscent of the 80’s, but also one that is soulful, with a swagger that wouldn’t be out of place at a soul weekender. With funky guitars that also have a southern touch to them, and easy-going drums, 'Feel Love' is an impressive combination of soul and rock, with some gospel influences thrown in for good measure. The song is poignant yet groovy at the same time, the blend of both really making the hearer sit up and listen."

"'Feel Love' marks a wonderfully vivid entry in Sano Hill's growing catalogue to date. Brimming with sweet and tender textures, a woozy atmosphere, and his own heartfelt vocals layered from start to finish, he has quickly become one of our most beloved new names of the year."

"The Irish artist Sano Hill is a trailblazer of deeper roots in front of the sounds of world black music. His newest release in single format, the phenomenal song “Feel Love”, exhausts exactly all this intent that results in a breathtaking work!"


"“Feel Love,” is an expressive indie-rock jam with groovy bass, folky-guitars, and smooth organs which set give Sano Hill the platforms to display an incredible soulful vocal performance. The song combines element of soul, rock, and blues to create a musical experience gear towards allowing the listener to reflect on the world and remember the love that exists in the world. Sano Hill’s latest single, “Feel Love,” is a rugged soul-rock jam and the perfect addition to any indie-rock playlist." 

"'Feel Love' is a single that features a highlighted bass, great grooves, rhythmic drums, vocal line intoned with heart and soul and several elements that go through the blues, but are also present in soul, jazz and soft rock, either because of the vocal line, instruments like the organ or all the melody present in this great work. Lyrically, this track has everything to connect us, being a profound expression of the power of love within all of us to win, a plea to 'feel the love' again as a starting point to respond appropriately to what is happening in the world. "

"The Irishman brings in his new sound a classic rock with R&B and country influences. The beats are strong and shake the music. The organ sound brings the listener close to R&B, with a jazz undertone. 

Sano Hill releases the voice in "Feel Love", as if it were classic rock from the 60s, 70s, with a vibration that transmits an incredible energy to the listeners. The song is strong, expressive in the instrumental and in the vocals, the arrangement brings a choir in the background that leaves the song well crafted, then entering the guitar solo after the second chorus, connecting the song to the last part. "Feel Love" has a sensational atmosphere, a retro and modern song within the classic rock and R&B strand, Sano Hill is one of the great voices of the current music scene."


"Feel Love" is the best track to disconnect from the cold routine and finally enjoy a moment of poetic music. Due to its relaxing sounds between soft-rock and a splendid Blues voice, "Feel Love" is full of light, love and sincere artistic expression. This is the definition of real music, when creativity and genres mingle like in a painting of a thousand colors."

"Galway (Ireland) based musician Sano Hill has a funky and emotional tale to tell in his track “Feel Love.” Gripping with a melodic presence of blues, jazz, and a subtle bit of reggae too, Sano Hill blends excellent atmospheric pieces for a delightful outcome."

"Sano Hill is an amazing artist who made a song about one of the best topics you can make it about: love. He made a song about love in the best way possible." -

"Feel Love is a tender Rock tune with undertones of old-school blues and jazz throughout...You won't get tired of listening to it on repeat."


"Feel Love grabs your immediate attention from the very beginning once it’s played, with a swift melody and Sano Hill’s strong vocals, you just keep listening as the lyrics portray one of the most touching yet hard truths we face in our lives these days. In our honest opinion the songwriting is really top notch, as it expresses how love can overcome the harsh reality we live in with a smooth and heart-warming technique, especially when watching the music video" -

Reviews of 'Sing Out Loud'

" Sano Hill brings out his beautiful melodic energy in his brilliant track titled “Sing Out Loud”. The song is an indie rock/pop number that brings out a very passionate and wholesome vibe. From sensational guitar arrangements to a deep and profound bass sequence, Sano brings out the essence of his soothing voice in “Sing Out Loud”." -

"‘Sing Out Loud’ features layered instrumentation, brilliant vocal performance and superb story telling. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘If Not Now, When?’, we can not wait for the full album to drop." -

"After delighting us with a rich and dynamic array of releases these last few months, including 'CircleWalk' and 'Starting Over', Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill continues his upward ascent as he delivers his rousing new offering 'Sing Out Loud'. Lifted from his forthcoming studio album 'If Not Now, When?', which is set to be released soon, 'Sing Out Loud' offers up another heady dose of bright and romantically-charged indie-rock joy. With his fresh and soaring vocals riding a bed of bold and driven production throughout, he is once again capturing a beautifully warm aesthetic with this one." -

" from the whole set, there is this optimistic taste: come on, we need to take a step forward; we have nothing to lose. The now is what matters. “Sing Out Loud” comes to this. To inspire us and believe in success. Listen and enjoy. ... SingOutLoud is a freedom song. A decision, a feeling of liberation, delivered by the intense vocal of Sano Hill . Check it out!" - [in Portuguese]

""The realization and the production are of high quality and suffer from no lack of taste ... With songs of this quality, we are curious to discover more." -

""Merging elements of folk and indie-rock in the melody, Sano Hill brings a toe-tapping vibe to listeners but with a darker, more intimate quality in the arrangement... While there is an intense intimacy and vulnerability throughout the song, #singoutloud is jovial and empowering in its melody and lyricism. Hill’s warm vocals embrace listeners making you feel a sense of comfort but also stand up and sing along with the anthemic tune. I cannot wait for Sano Hill’s upcoming album and recommend him to everyone."" -

"With a full production of acoustic and electric guitars, tight drumming, clear bass and light percussion, #singoutloud inspires with Sano Hill's heartfelt vocals." - [in French]

"Sing Out Loud is a colorful tune that basically everyone needs especially in these dark times." -


Reviews of 'CircleWalk'

" “CircleWalk” is Sano Hill’s best offering to date. Here, the golden, ever-lasting, and infectious retro vibe reaches an emotional climax to a point that the time has stopped and everything will be forever lavishing and flamboyant...Hill’s vocal is undoubtedly the soul of the piece. It’s flavorful and expressive. It takes the listeners onto a whole new level of musical sensation that is unlike other songs...“CircleWalk” is a non-linear sonic box that preserves the best of the past and present. It’s a song that leaves an impression in your head for long as if the buzz will always be a part of your memory." -

" 'CircleWalk' shows that Sano Hill manages to take the listener to the best of the 70's rock like Dire Straits but without leaving the present musically; he is a timeless artist with a lot of technique and talent both in the instrumental part, in the composition and on vocals. The instruments are sensational, incredible bass, exciting beats, a vocal arrangement in the background, saxophone, a complex song that is unforgettable. Sano Hill's vocals are loud like thunder, strong, reach high levels, increase the musical atmosphere, the vibe, give us energy, versatile and performative, sometimes he seems to speak in the song, in other parts he lets out his voice in a magnificent  mind-blowing sound." - [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

" 'CircleWalk'... proves that Sano Hill is a real artist who knows how to write insightful, soulful songs taken from life itself. We love his sensual vocals, professional arrangements and the originality of his compositions." -


"Right from the intro, you’ll find your body swaying to its grooves. The bass lines with the wind instruments harmonize with Hill’s playful, passionate performance to give a spark. The instrumentation is ideally structured to add colors to such a gloomy subject.

Sano Hill is a talented musician who makes organic music. That’s not a new deduction. I came to this realization right after I heard and reviewed his single, “The Climb.” His songwriting is remarkable, and he’s able to deliver his meaningful message through every element of his work." -


"The pure vocals plus the intensity of the instruments is a perfect combination ... It’s almost like a goth rock opera. You will enjoy every single moment ... This euphoric three minute track will allow you to drift away as you head back into the forest and thank Sano Hill for taking you on this journey." -


"The arrangement and recording work on the song is phenomenal and expressive. The versatile guitars and saxophone provide good textural timbres. Hill’s powerful vocals coupled with the tight arrangement propel the song to the next level. CircleWalk is a stunning rock song that will keep you humming and tapping your feet." -


" 'CircleWalk', a folk/indie rock single,  is a revolutionary creation ... His vocals are unique and hard to explain but its entrancing to listen to them.

Sano Hill is a rising star; he has a unique sound that anyone could enjoy and find comfort in." -


"‘CircleWalk’ is a beautifully vibrant and uplifting Folk Rock track that exudes creative energy. The song starts off with an energizing drum roll that quickly takes the listener into a funky progression that generates feelings of freedom and bliss almost instantly. Sano Hill’s warm and upfront vocals make themselves known shortly after as his lyrics tell a vivid story about love and loss...The theme of this track is just as amazing as the overall sound of the song" -

"What a beautiful song. As soon as I hit the play button I was fascinated by this melody. The musical arrangements are great. The bass ventures into intricate melodic phrasing followed like a shadow by the drums. The groove of this song is irresistible and makes you dance. The passionate and intense interpretation of Sano Hill is irresistible and I found myself singing with him" -

"As soon as one hears Sano Hill's breathtakingly fun and beautiful voice, a smile will not leave the listener’s face. 'CircleWalk' is already making big waves. I believe Sano Hill is the musician you've been waiting for. Bolstered by a powerful tune, his track graces us with dynamic and heart-warming melodies." -


"With vocals that remind us of Bono Vox, the track has an excellent guitar arrangement and great production that give even more value to all the emotion delivered to the listener and that reaches him throughout the hearing of this work."  - [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"As with the previous single ‘Starting Over’, ‘CircleWalk’ has a bold, rich sound ... the element that screams desperation, melancholy and inner turmoil is Sano Hill’s vocal execution ... Sincere, sentimental, introspective and brutally honest, ‘CircleWalk’ connects with listeners on a deeper level ...  It’s inspiring, breath-taking and highly recommended."  


"The melody is a masterpiece brought to sonic glory by the full band. Hill’s vocals ride the waves of the sound to tug at your emotions and make you want to listen to the track over and over." -

" 'CircleWalk' has incredible orchestral power that comes from a very well-placed set of instruments. The composition is creative, powerful and has an overwhelming chorus that doesn't let the emotion drop" - [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"A brilliant and exciting track that’s all about communication... The ending is phenomenal, with a refrain that sticks in our heads and make us dance and sing along." -

"'CircleWalk' is really catchy as it bets on late night indie nostalgia brought by charismatic emotive male vocals behind the microphone and snappy riffs that will get you jumping!" -

"Bringing back more of that rich and dynamic direction he has cultivated for himself, his newest release offers another heady dose of sweeping textures and soaring atmosphere that we simply can't get enough of." -

"Hill’s voice is captivating, and keeps the listener engaged for the full length of the song." -

"Managing to be both tight and loose, the song welcomes 60s-style female backing singers, a horn section, a tight and choppy electric guitar and an energetic tambourine. It’s exquisite! The song is funky, soulful, and lies not in one decade but in several. There are occasionally moments of Mick Jagger in Hill’s vocals, but when he really goes for it there’s more of a Bono sound in his vocal cords. His natural register is quite high for a man, and he uses this to great effect. Because of this, there is no strain in his voice; only subtle power. I can really feel the passion in his voice as he throws it like a paper ball. It’ll hit you but it won’t hurt." - 

" "This song is a perfect example of folk rock with acoustic guitars, simple percussion, and the singer-songwriter’s beautiful voice." -

Reviews of 'Starting Over'

"The chorus is of unparalleled beauty … The encore provides a spectacle of rare grandeur … one of the best releases of recent times" -

"After the enormous response to his recently shared single 'The Climb' in recent months, Irish singer and songwriter Sano Hill returns once again to lift our spirits on the joyous new offering 'Starting Over'... 'Starting Over' showcases Sano Hill's rich and alluring approach to songwriting. Blending sweet and soaring production with just a dash of brass for the crescendo" -


"Whenever the stars are aligned, unique voices meet excellent music, played by brilliant musicians and everything is recorded and captured at an iconic location…you can’t help but feel every second, every emotion, reach into not just the music, but in the moment the music got captured…you almost feel like you can smell and touch the world, trapped in that moment and be physically in it…that’s what I went through when listening to Sano Hill’s second single “Starting Over”... an absolutely uplifting experience that will keep resonating long after its 5 minutes of playtime is over." -

"Sounding like The Wallflowers instrumentally...this song is a definite earworm, and this artist is about quality over quantity" -

"Starting Over is a song that made me think of great artists like  Neil Young, and John Mellencamp ... The recording, interpretation, and musical arrangements are flawless"

"This wonderful new track by the Irish artist warms us with vibrant melodies and the instrumental blessings of a full band ... Bass, drums, guitars, and even a wind section sweeten the track with tremendous harmony, swinging and swaying effortlessly. ... There’s no shortage of talent here ... the track is just great and captivating" -

"A lively and quality song ... A precise and articulated rhythm, a bass that acts as a cradle for the sounds of the guitar, at the beginning more timid and then more and more vigorous as if to claim the scene ...  a winning formula capable of being appreciated on a large scale, obtaining deserved acclaim and appreciation even from a mainstream audience." -

"“Starting Over” immediately wins me over with a unique charismatic accoustic melody that conveys an indie atmosphere to this extremely sweet anthem"



"Sano's vocals are charming, recalling the timbres of Bono Vox and Michael Stipe ...  “Starting Over” is great and captivating, so keep following the work of this amazing artist." -

"a sweet and soft acoustic track with beautiful melodies, an uplifting chorus, and just the right amount of angst to make it feel real...Combined with engaging and diverse full-band background music, its lyrics are both reflective and hopeful...

The band’s sound is a mix of soft rock and indie pop—think AC/DC meets Coldplay—with lyrics that’ll pull on your heartstrings." -

"Sano Hill’s thoughtful lyricism spins the vivid journey through the emotional scenes as the full band arrangement lifts the spirits of the song to joyous levels.

Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin by award-winning producer Larry Hogan, “Starting Over” captures a charming acoustic rock anthem full of colourful instrumentation and catchy melodies carried by Sano Hill’s soulful vocal work."

"Hot on the heels of his well-received debut track ‘The Climb’ (read our review here), Hill captivates one’s heart and mind with ‘Starting Over’...One of the singles from his upcoming album (tentatively titled If Not Now, When?), this single retains the vulnerability of his music while infusing it with a sense of empowerment. Soothing the soul with his charming tones and moving lyricism, ‘Starting Over’ is the perfect theme song for those romance movies where people take a second chance on love." -

Reviews of 'The Climb'

"This is a beautiful Irish-sounding full band singer-songwriter track. Songs of love, loss and life seem to be the theme of this artist. This is his debut single. What a great start...Vocally, I was reminded of Suede, or Mike Scott from the Waterboys. Especially Mike’s song “Bring ‘em all in”... The Climb is a great Irish Singer-Songwriter tune that is inventive, emotional and totally and utterly from the heart. Great stuff." -

"The mysterious atmosphere of his new single The Climb made me think I was walking aimlessly through the streets of Dublin on a rainy night. One of those days when you just want to be with yourself. Sano Hill’s vocal timbre is clear and nostalgic and his vocal interpretation is impeccable. You feel the passion that this artist puts into composing and performing his songs. The production is very good and the musical arrangements are very well thought out. An artist that I definitely recommend to everyone." -

"“The Climb” features acoustic guitars mixed with an upbeat drum groove while echoing synths create shimmering reverberations that provide a wonderful atmosphere for the trippy-sounding choruses. Sano's vocals are charming, recalling the timbres of Bono Vox and Michael Stipe, which takes the listener on a journey to overcome the difficult stage of the pandemic. “The Climb” is an acoustic, folk-influenced track filled with smooth transitions, a wide variety of instruments and distinctive vocals." -       

"The sensibility present in Sano Hill’s voice and lyrics is something that really manages to speak to us in a way that feels comforting and welcoming. In “The Climb” Sano tries to rid us of the pains, doubts, and uncertainty that seem to haunt us nowadays. Taking us on a trip to overcome, and climb that difficult hill of the pandemic and global warming, this single is a nice acoustic, folk-influenced track filled with smooth transitions, a wide variety of instruments, and the distinguished, humane vocals of the artist ... Sano Hill writes with a humbling spirit and a true dedication to the creation and love of art ... Sano’s unprocessed vocal feels as humane as his lyrics and the vulnerability behind it sheds a light into the singer’s spirit." -

"The song 'The Climb' is an original and soulful composition based on soft rock sound in which the melodic structure and deep lyrical component stand out. Excellent guitars arrangement and professional production added its advantages to the remarkable talent of a real artist who is Sano Hill.  His subtle soulful insight is conveyed by his silky tone of voice with the exquisite cascading lines of his vocals. The singer together with acoustic and the lead guitars presents this powerful song that originated in the deep bowels of a sincere soul. Listen to the single 'The Climb' from Sano Hill on Spotify below and appreciate the masterful work of the great man with the guitar." -

"SANO HILL RELEASES AMAZING SINGLE “THE CLIMB” ... The new single shows all the vigor and talent of a great artist who knew how to make a beautiful song ... Pay attention to the name of Sano Hill, because we will certainly hear a lot about him. With a consistent work that permeates our musical imagination, it is clear that one day he will reach the top of the world charts. What is not lacking is wit, dexterity and simplicity. It's people like him who make people's day better with just their voice and singing." -

"Drawing inspirations from life, love, and loss, Sano Hill poses poised songwriting and introspective, moody vocals, resembling the solo acoustic projects of John Frusciante. As if coming from another world, his latest single, “The Climb,” in collaboration with award-winning producer Larry Hogan, is melancholy, emotive, and atmospheric. Sano Hill has a very unique vocal delivery that slowly grows on you and becomes very addictive. The details in how he handles slides and screams add a very tasteful personal touch to the overall aesthetic and become his signature". -

"Evocative, poetic and compelling only begin to describe “The Climb” from Sano Hill. The lead single from the recording artist’s upcoming album, a rhythmic melody, expressive lyrics and Hill’s separate vocals combine to provide undeniable distinction. Through headphones or larger stereo speakers, the instrumentation, performance and production during “The Climb” are outstanding. But this is merely half the story. The accompanying video for “The Climb” provides stylistic vignettes, often of Hill playing an acoustic guitar, a Fender Strat® and singing. The visuals, typically greyscale black and white with splashes of color, entirely compliment the 4:09 track. The skillfully shot and edited video, the song lyrics and music all drive home Sano Hill’s creative message, which includes being “…drunk on the wine of inspiration.” " -                              

"Setting the scene with rippling guitar, bass, drums and pops of percussion, Irish rising artist Sano Hill opens his debut song The Climb with the lyrics, “come for a walk in my imagination” and quite frankly, we are so grateful that we did. In the song, the lover said this to the thief, promising “a love that’s ancient”, and that ancient love energy is really what Sano Hill evokes on The Climb. The story is inspirational as the artist asks, “what do you mean you’ll never be happy?” and offers their hand to go on an epic adventure. It’s really moving because igniting true love in someone and the lust for life that we so deserve isn’t sung about nearly enough. With lyrics like, “tell me all your sacred dreams” it is clear that Sano Hill is a conscious artist with purpose and The Climb is an exciting brand of visual story telling accompanied by immaculate production in collaboration with Larry Hogan. The middle 8 of the track boasts a super emotive vocal performance from the artist that has really moved us. We are ready to climb with you, Sano Hill." -                                                                                                                

"Musicians like Sano Hill and their motivational work like "The Climb", with such a hopeful atmosphere, bring comfort to troubled souls. "The Climb" is the Ireland-based singer/songwriter Sano Hill's latest track and his first single release from his debut album "If Not Now, when?" to be released in mid-2022. It’s a song we’ll need with its poetic, reassuring, relatable lyrics, as we’re facing a pandemic that makes us lose our beloved ones, a global warming that makes us lose Earth itself, and next to that, each person has their own daily struggles. While confronting all this drama, hearing a line like "We’ll climb over the hill now and run down into the valley bellow," through silky, comforting vocals, our day becomes better, even a little, and then we hear, with a gentle tone, "Don’t hurry, don’t rush," to make us stop running in the circle of life and our busy schedule and just take a breath. In collaboration with Larry Hogan, it’s a well-produced piece. The song is led by a distinctive, soothing acoustic guitar and well-structured drums that add upbeat vibes to the track with some electric guitar notes. The vocals are evocative, relieving, and passionate, making it reach the soul, and the resonating "oh" screams with the chorus following it give goosebumps. Slow down a little and make your day lighter by hearing “The Climb” " -           


"Sano Hill is getting us excited for his debut album with the release of ‘The Climb’ ...  With lyrics that speak from the heart, he blends original guitar movements with his distinct vocals for a moving single ... Working with producer Larry Hogan for his new music, he carefully crafts a soundscape that brings the timeless tone of classic rock to the raw emotions of soft rock. ‘The Climb’ has a really groovy vibe that comes through from the first deep thrum of the melody. That groovy thrum shivers across your shoulders and makes you want to shimmy and shake to its rhythm ... Through his performance, Hill grabs your hand and pulls you into the dance of the lyrics. His performance is as addictive as the melody with the same richness that sinks into your soul. The whiskey warm touch of his voice is an absolute pleasure to listen to while bringing a classic rock edge to the soundscape. His performance is a delicate balance of retro, modern and original flows that sweep you up in the movement. You may feel the urge to turn the volume up as you listen to the track before rocking out to the deep bridge ... The single is captivating from start to finish. The timeless flairs of sound merge with modern flickers and something that is uniquely Sano Hill." -

"The pinnacle of grunge was when the Seattle bands and their byproducts starting experimenting in the studio, bringing more acoustic guitars and progressive arrangements to their records.  Bands like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden tapped into uncharted musical worlds that captivated and launched the legendary series MTV Unplugged. Irish songwriter  Sano Hill and his new single The Climb is reminiscent of that short lived acoustic-alternative period.  He adds some modern production techniques to create some additional atmosphere and dreamy affect, but the essence is rooted in that treasured early 90s acoustic sound. " -

"“The Climb” is a wonderful new composition, the acoustic guitar is in perfect harmony with the voice. Without a doubt, you will be conquered by the single “The Climb” which will make you happy to listen in a corner of tranquility and peace." -

"“The Climb” is incredibly infectious, especially during an instantly memorable and suddenly charismatic performance! It brings blues guitar tones and touches in order to deliver a more grounded and solid punch, without ever failing to transport you to a rocky atmosphere!" -

"Tight, mature songwriting paired with an addictive voice and lush production makes Sano Hill’s latest single a stunning debut entry in the Galway based artists discography." -

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