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Interviews with Sano Hill

Sano Hill – Interview


30 Jan 2023

PD:  How would you describe yourself or your band as an artist?

SH: I’m a singer songwriter who writes melodic rock songs that are influenced by life, love and loss – and my musical and literary influences. I try to bring integrity and emotional honesty to what I do both in composition and performance and hopefully it comes through in the songs.

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Climb Up And Join Sano Hill To Sing Out Loud

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Sing Out Loud is the fourth single off the forthcoming album SanoHill “If Not Now’’. After the pandemic all of us has been affected on way or other, either recovered from the virus, or worse lose a relative or friend. His has shattered most people. More and more people keep cowering scared to live and live life to the fullest.

But this song is about reconnecting with the world and each other, as well as celebrating the joy of living and the potential of every moment to bring insight. Sing out song explores this theme by focusing on a singer/songwriter and his attempt to come to terms with his own fears and insecurities, to believe in his music and voice and perform again, to ‘Sing Out Loud’.

SanoHill tends to soothe the heart of his listeners with captivating lyrics and composition. With a unique voice as his it is no wonder his music animates every soul, and sing out loud is a typical example to prove his prowess.

New Artist Spotlight, July 29, 2022​

NAS 10 Questions with Sano Hill

This time on The NAS 10 Questions, we get to know Sano Hill, a blues rock artist from Ireland with influences such as U2, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave. His work has been described as defining “a timeless recipe for original guitar music: inventive, humanist lyrics sung from the gut, then embedded in rhythms to barrage or soothe the soul" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). For leading Irish music magazine, Hot Press, Sano Hill daringly “tries to capture the sound, sense and smell of Galway in a similar vein to Van Morrison's finest compositions about his native Belfast". (Hot Press).

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Sano Hill assures you there’s beauty in “Starting Over”

A friendly reminder from Sano Hill that it’s okay to embrace new beginnings.

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Agatha Magsombol
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 / 8:20 am PHT

Armed with his guitar, Irish singer Sano Hill writes songs and creates music with genuine lyrics about life, love, loss, and personal experiences that may be relatable and leave you feeling both hopeful and inspired. His latest single, “Starting Over”, is one beautiful offering that’ll take listeners further into his newly minted indie music world.

Enjoy the vibe of listening to this song in the car or as if you’re going on a long road trip. Despite the theme of parting, the lyrics give off a “let’s wing it” vibe. The vibe of living the song’s warm and lively melody perfectly complements this upbeat mood. From the title itself, “Starting Over” is a reflection of how life has been and what it could be in the future. It embraces how we are continuously in progress and that it’s okay to start over when things get messy. 

With a heartwarming purpose and beautifully written words, Sano Hill assures listeners that trouble might get in the way, but that’s temporary. We can slowly rise back up and as we do, we can take a moment to cherish what we have and where we are now. Learn to enjoy life where you are right now. “My music is about realizing the possibilities to fully embrace life right now and appreciating the value of enjoying life moment to moment,” Hill explains.

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Interview - Sano Hill

 Giovanni Gagliano

May 31, 2022

"Starting Over" is a new song by Sano Hill featuring a full-band musical accompaniment that is both interesting and varied, as well as introspective and hopeful lyrics. It was recorded with award-winning producer Larry Hogan at Dublin's famed Windmill Lane Studios.

- Welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release Starting Over.
Starting Over is a song about moving on from a relationship that hasn’t worked out, accepting that and beginning again. It was a difficult song to write and took some time to fully come together - like most of my songs, it began as a melody I carried with me for some time (first worked out on guitar before additional instrumentation came together) before the lyrics took shape. It’s part of a narrative on my forthcoming album which charts the course of a relationship.

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Know More About Sano Hill And His Recent Single ‘Starting Over’



Galway, Ireland-based singer-songwriter Sano Hill is presently working on his first album. ‘Origin: See the Light,’ ‘New Horizons,’ and ‘Inundations’ are among the critically acclaimed compilation albums on which he has performed and whose tracks have previously been published (which also featured music from leading international acts, including Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith, Lloyd Cole, Damien Rice, Mundy and The Frames).

Interview with Sano Hill

Viola Karmy, Rock Era Magazine, Feb 26, 2022

Sano Hill is an accomplished musician from Galway, Ireland. He creates unique, humane songs about life, love, and loss. His debut album, "If Not Now, When?" will be published in the middle of 2022, and the first song from the album, "The Climb," was released on January 28, with an inspirational and motivational message. We had a brief conversation with the artist, and here's what we learned about him and his upcoming album:

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Sano Hill Interview: New Music, Love, Compassion And Remaining Hopeful


Evocative, poetic and compelling only begin to describe “The Climb” from Sano Hill. The lead single from the recording artist’s upcoming album, a rhythmic melody, expressive lyrics and Hill’s separate vocals combine to provide undeniable distinction. Through headphones or larger stereo speakers, the instrumentation, performance and production during “The Climb” are outstanding. But this is merely half the story.

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